December 13, 2017

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December 9, 2016

something entirely different

I've found a new home-- over at DAREBEE.

February 4, 2016

o yes. #TOMBU

October 5, 2015

NOR | an + an.redux | two discs | amaray
GER | an + an.redux | one disc | steelbook
AUS | an + an.redux | two discs | metal slipcase
FR | an + an.redux + hod | two discs | digibook
FR | an + an.redux + hod | three discs | digibook
NOR | an + an.redux + hod | three discs | digipack
US | an + an.redux + hod | three discs | digipack

September 28, 2015

sunbather by Deafheaven

The feeling you get when discovering new music. +1.

September 6, 2015

introduce a little anarchy

Gotham City paints a dark, gritty and discouraging environment for the events of The Dark Knight, directed by Christopher Nolan, 2008. Several months have past since Batman Begins (2005), and this time a strange villain, THE JOKER, played and immortalized by the late Heath Ledger, takes center stage by blackmailing the mob and spreading fear throughout the city. Bruce Wayne suits up as BATMAN, played by Christian Bale, and returns to the streets of Gotham, and realizes that there's a fine line between a good guy and a bad guy. Who can be trusted?

It was a huge success at the box office when it first came out-- due to high expectations after the first movie in the trilogy, Batman Begins. Nolan had done it again. While C. Bale reprises the role as Batman, we get to know Heath Ledger as The Joker. For me, the main character, the dark knight falls a bit short in this ensemble. The Joker character is a lot of fun tho, it really lights up the screen, in a somewhat disturbing way-- but what really makes it 'pop' is Ledgers acting performance, for which he received an Academy Award, for best supporting actor. It really was an outstanding performance, and worth every reason to see this movie-- again and again. Another performance/ character worth mentioning is Harvey Dent. It's lots of fun to see his progression, in terms of story lines and such, throughout the movie. Another good reason to watch this movie-- especially towards the end..

Heath Ledger as The Joker (photo/ google)

Christopher Nolan rebooted the Batman film franchise with, as before mentioned, Batman Begins-- and it really had both the fans and casual movie goers craving for more, low and behold-- The Dark Knight. Nolan made the reboot a lot darker and gritter than we've ever seen before. Although the trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises included, is very box office generated, the tone is and style is tweaked a bit more than we're commonly used to see in these kind of movies. It's something about Nolan's directorial style that makes us craving more titles. His grand scaled action scenes (e.g. the opening scene captured in IMAX, car chase scenes and blow-up-scenes), and his attention to details in the more mellow and quited moments, e.g. the kitchen-mob-scene and the hospital-dent&joker-scene-- all very Nolan-esque. Also, the editing has an important role of the success of this movie.

The soundtrack, composed by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard. Nice. I mean, really fitting to the style and look of the movie-- it really companies the dark knight and all his actions. Also, The Joker soundtrack theme, couldn't have been done any better. Dark, gritty and unpredictable-- just like the character himself. An intense soundtrack indeed.

The Dark Knight? Recommendable.

September 5, 2015

(photo/ converge @instagram)

In case you're not aware of this-- here's something you can get excited about, I know I am, the upcoming release of "thousands of miles between us" by Converge. A three disc release, also, a deluxe box set release, containing the three disc set plus various other things, and stuff. Converge is one of my all time favorite bands, a "cut to the chase" kind of deal, and it's awesome. Here's a full rundown of its contents/ @deathwish inc

August 31, 2015

burning the past

Set in France, 1184, Kingdom of Heaven tells the story, at the time of the crusades, of a blacksmith Balian, played by Orlando Bloom, in mourning of his wife's suicide and unborn child. He seizes the opportunity to travel with his long lost father, Baron Godfrey of Ibelin, played by Liam Neeson, to Jerusalem in search of peace and redemption for killing his corrupt brother. After his fathers death he gets handed down the obligation as the protector of Jerusalem and its people. A task accompanied by greedy rivals and a bitter sultan with a large army. Will the poor blacksmith, Balian, rise to the occasion ..and regain his fatih?

Directed by Ridley Scott, 2005. If you're planning to watch Kingdom of Heaven, don't even bother watching the theatrical version, it's not worth your time. It's basically the same movie, obviously-- but the director's cut is more of, everything. The density of the storyline and character development-- in which the justification of their actions makes more sense. Parts of or complete plot-lines were cut from the original version (a decision made by the studio)-- to the extent where the movie feel quite scattered. People who have seen both versions talks about an entirely different movie experience, so, as before mentioned, if you're planning to watch Kingdom of Heaven, put in the time (three+ hours), trust me, you won't regret it.

The casting is quite impressive, with excellent acting performances. They all fit their fit their roles well, all but one, the lead role and the center of the storyline, Balian, played by Orlando Bloom. I don't have a problem with him in other productions, such as Legolas in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but as a lead role? Eh no, I'm not convinced. The role seems a bit too much for him, he doesn't bring much dept and density to the character. To me, the other actors and actresses carries the storyline and the movie-- they just convey a greater impact on the viewer. Notable actors and actresses in this movie are Liam Neeson, Edward Norton, Jeremy Irons, Marton Csokas, Eva Green, Brendan Gleeson and Ghassan Massoud.

Eva Green as Sibylla (photo/ google)

The production is epic, in every sense of the word. Kingdom of Heaven consists of three distinctive acts, and they all have a somewhat different look and feel to them. The most distinctive is the difference between the cold and gritty-- rural town in France, where we first meet Balian, and the hot and lavish city of Jerusalem. Scott uses colors in a quite subtle yet effective way-- France is covered in blue, green and gray, while Jerusalem bathes in yellow, brown and red. Attention to details is another strong feature in this film. Although the story is loosely based on actual events, the attention to details in buildings (both exterior and interior), clothing, symbols, siege weapons and such are quite impressive. Yes there are inaccuracies, but you won't care while you're watching the movie-- it's an all immersing experience.

As one of the many positive directorial decisions made by Ridley Scott, are the attention to dialog. Yes, there are battle scenes, lots, but the center of the story are the dialogs between characters. The ones with King Baldwin IV are especially good, in my opinion. Yes to battle scenes, but, with politics and intrigue makes this movie a lot more watchable, and re-watchable. Another thing that makes this movie great, is the film score-- composed by Harry Gregson-Williams. What makes it great is the choir bits, and the orchestra of course-- but the choir makes an excellent impact on the feel of the movie.

Recommendable? Yes. But please put in the time, three+ hours isn't all that long for an epic-historical-drama-movie. Again, trust me, you won't regret it.

July 20, 2015

UK | theatrical cut | one disc | amaray
NOR | theatrical cut | two discs | amaray
ITA | theatrical cut | one disc | amaray
FR | theatrical cut | one disc | slipcase
FR | theatrical cut | two discs | digipack
NOR | director's cut | four discs | slipcase
UK | director's cut | four discs | steelbook
UK | director's cut | four discs | digipack | numbered 01147

NOR | director's cut | one disc | amaray
GER | director's cut | one disc | steelbook
FR | director's cut | two discs | digibook
GER | director's cut | two discs | digibook
US | director's cut/ roadshow cut | one disc | amaray
UK | director's cut/ roadshow cut | two discs | steelbook

July 29, 2011

boy meets world (abuse/ neglect)

Due to content, I've decided to write this entry in Norwegian-- it's just easier that way. Summary: This is about a book I read recently-- the true story of a 8 year old boy, Christoffer, who over time got abused so severe, by his stepfather, that it eventually caused his death. Several people who was there to protect the kid, did nothing to prevent it from happening, they didn't see the signs before it was too late. In this entry I try to bring to light some key lessons to be learned from this tragic event. It's just so sad we need to experience these events to open our eyes. The kids deserves better.

I løpet av to korte uker har jeg hatt muligheten til og et sterkt ønske om å lese boken: JEG TENKER NOK DU SKJØNNER DET SJØL, skrevet av Jon Gangdal. Boken forteller historien om Christoffer Gjerstad Kihle som ble mishandlet til døde av sin stefar, og med en mor som i det stille lot det skje. I juni 2011, har Riksadvokaten tatt ut tiltale mot mor, seks år etter at Christoffer ble funnet død, kl. 21:47-- 2. februar 2005. Det var ikke ett tilfelle av mishandling, men det pågikk over tid og det var flere instanser som ikke så tegnene og da lot være å melde fra til hverken barnevern eller politi. Alle sårene og blåmerkene.. Hva var det de ikke skjønte, oppdaget?

 [CHRISTOFFER] "- Jeg tenker nok du skjønner det sjøl."

Tegnene var mange, merkene var mange. Eksempel; Han møtte opp på skolen med blåmerker og andre skader, og allikevel var det ingen som varslet. Selv mormor-- som hadde et nært forhold til gutten-- så ikke på skadene som virkelige, det var rett og slett helt utenkelig. Politietterforskningen var på mange områder mangelfull, og det har i ettertid blitt reist kraftige 'tiltaler' imot det mangelfulle arbeidet som ble gjort. På et tidspunkt var det stor sjanse for at saken kunne bli henlagt, grunnet bevisene ikke var entydige nok. Men pga. tydelig press fra både mormor og biologisk far gjennom sin bistandsadvokat ble saken gjenopptatt. I kjølevannet av Christoffer-saken ble det holdt en rekke seminarer for både politi og helsepersonell hvor mishandling av barn og viktigheten i det å handle ved mistanke var i fokus. Stefaren ble, som tidligere nevnt, dømt og soner nå en straff på 8 år, noe som helt klart kan virke ufattelig kort-- og ja, det er lett å være enig i nettopp det.

Dette er en viktig bok for alle som jobber med barn og unge, også for meg personlig-- i og med at jeg jobber som assistent i barnehage. Det vi får i lærdom av denne saken, som endte så tragisk, er at vi må ikke tro at det er noen andre som melder i fra, sender en bekymring til barnevernet eller på annen måte høyner stemmen for et barn som lider. Det holder faktisk bare at man har en klump i magen som sier at det er noe som ikke stemmer, og derfor gjør at man sender en bekymring. Noen ganger trenger det ikke være noe straffbart, men tenk hvilken forskjell det kan være for et barn som er i samme situasjon som det Christoffer var i. I noen tilfeller handler det faktisk om liv og død. Om noen av de mange som var rundt ham hadde sagt i fra, så kunne kanskje livet hans ha vært reddet. Nå i ettertid er det mange som bærer på en irreversibel skyldfølelse, nettopp pga. at de ikke meldte ifra om personlighetsforandringen, blåmerkene, skadene og alle ønskene om å ikke dra hjem til dødens hus (som mormoren kalte leiligheten der Christoffer bodde og hvor han ble funnet drept, på gutterommet-- med bl.a papir stappet i både nese og munn/ hals). De involverte instansene, de som sto Christoffer nær-- kommer aldri til å forsone seg med utfallet, det kommer alltid til å være med dem. Samtidig er det bare å håpe at andre vil dra lærdom av de erfaringene som er gjort i denne grufulle saken.

Igjen, dette er en viktig bok. Det er en viktig bok fordi det viser oss hvor viktig det er å bry oss og se tegnene som kan tyde på noe uforståelig grusomt-- og deretter handle. Denne boken anbefaler jeg på det sterkeste, og da ikke bare til de som jobber med barn og unge, men til alle. Vi er alle ansvarlige for de rundt oss-- slektninger, naboer og andre. Det er mange barn der ute som bare har ett ønske-- å bli sett/ reddet.

(bilde/ dagbladet)